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Our Lignition Products

Our Lignition products are powered by the Earth’s most fundamental process – photosynthesis. By capturing LIGNIN, a compound abundantly stored in all plant matter, Lignition products are able to support the efficiency of photosynthesis to higher levels. Plants are able to grow faster and develop stronger for longer periods of the crop year.

What is Lignin?

Lignin is an essential organic carbon containing compound that helps support the structure of all plant material on Earth. Grown right into the plants structures as the crop grows, lignin is found in stems, branches, leaves, as well as roots. This supports the plant’s tops as they capture solar radiation from the Sun to power photosynthesis. With no lignin, plants would be flat on the ground! Lignin is also essential for carbon to cycle efficiently in the environment.

Ligniseed Crop Growth Booster

Our patent protected 100% water soluble powder is for use with all types of seeds and is applied directly to seeds or pre-treated before planting, at low use rates. This supports the seed’s emergence and early development of roots and shoots. There is no risk to plants or humans as the product is derived from plants.

Lignileaf Crop Yield Booster

Our patent protected 100% water soluble powder can be applied in combination with other foliar products to plants while they are young and multiple times through the season as plants grow. With a low use rate, plants are able to rapidly uptake Lignileaf once applied. To support longer growth cycles for maximum results, apply early in the growth cycle.

“Our analysis shows that only by increasing the efficiency of conversion of solar energy into biomass will agricultural improvements on the scale required be possible.”
– E.H. Murchie, New Phytologist