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How it works

Lignition products are comprised of a bio-polymer made using a patented process from a by-product of the pulp and paper industry. When paper is produced, lignin is extracted from the raw wood pulp so high-white papers can be produced. This is the raw material used in our process. Derived from plant-based raw materials – trees – our patented process creates products that are 100% water-soluble.

Dissolve Lignition products in water and apply to any:

  • SOIL

  • SEED



Once dissolved in water and applied, captured energy in the lignin supports the ongoing photosynthetic processes. The 100% water soluble powders are extremely active needing only small amounts per acre or applied to seeds. Generally, rates of use for seed applied are 50 grams to 100 grams per tonne, with foliar rates from 40 grams to 80 grams per acre.

How we know it works

Lignition products are tested every year, not only for quality of the manufactured goods, but for ease of use as well as practical measurable results. Trials are conducted every year in small plots and also field test strip demonstrations.

Spring Barley Trial 2016
Bushels per acre change

Increase crop yields

Supporting the Photosynthetic Processes

The process of photosynthesis

“A recent study by German researchers presents the possibility of ‘carbon farming’ as a less risky alternative to other carbon capture and storage technologies… All other techniques we know about just prevent emissions, nothing else… only plants are able to extract carbon dioxide from the air… The sequestration of carbon dioxide by plants is simple… it has been proven sustainable over hundreds of millions of years, so why aren’t we using this technique?”
– Elizabeth HarBall, Scientific American