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There are currently several big issues that face humanity and time is of the essence. The three issues explained below are all connected.

Issue #1: Population

Right now, our population is approximately 7.5 billion with projections of 9-10 billion in 2050. These numbers will mean we need more food and more energy, resulting in more impact on the Earth’s systems. How society will address these issues is critical (UN/FAO report).

Food requirements by 2050 are projected to be approximately 70% greater than current amounts. Some projections put the amount of food required up to 2050, to be more than humans have ever totally produced in the last 10,000 years.

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Issue #2: Energy Requirements

With a growing population, projections show increasing human energy requirements combined with the impact of continued use of fossil fuels on the world’s climate. Carbon dioxide will continue to be released to the atmosphere, in greater amounts, making the greenhouse effect worse (Billion Ton report – EPA).

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Issue #3: Global context and climate change

Related to Issue #2, projections from current and future temperature impacts of already released carbon dioxide, plus new releases of CO2, shows potential for dramatic and continuing change to the world’s climatic systems (Carbon is forever: Nature reports Climate change 2008-on line).

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We believe, and our trials support this, that the current capacity of crops to absorb CO2 is low compared to the potential. Using free energy to capture carbon has the potential to support human society for as long as the sun shines!

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By using Lignition products to increase the number of bushels per acre on your farm, we have the capability to:

  • Support human food supply = more food of higher quality.
  • Access free energy for use in Earth’s systems = more essential energy.
  • Reduce CO2 in the atmosphere by producing more carbon consuming crops = help manage climate impact!

Our technology works within Earth’s existing systems for minimum risk of disruption with the clear potential for high gains in the three key issue areas of food, climate change and energy.

Not only do Lignition products support crop growth, it’s part of the solution to decreasing the amount of CO2 trapped in our environment.

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