Benefits for your crops

With the power of Lignition products applied to your crops, your cropping systems will more efficiently access solar radiation, carbon dioxide, and even water. Productivity from the plant scale, to the acre basis, gives greater opportunity for profitability. By tapping into the free power of photosynthesis, your crops and crop yields have the potential to:


    Being more resilient for longer.


    Treating the seeds for the fastest start.


    A few centimeters taller makes the crop factory larger.


    To capture ever more sunlight to power photosynthesis.

Environmental Benefits

By treating your crops with Lignition products, you are investing in the vitality and viability of your yields and your fields, while also investing in the Earth’s sustainability. As a result of a stronger and more resilient photosynthetic processes within your plants, more carbon dioxide (CO2) will be consumed by all Lignition treated crops. As crops grow larger and stronger, they need to absorb more CO2 to support their own growth while also releasing clean oxygen into the air. This means less problematic CO2 will be trapped in our atmosphere and impacting our air, water, and soil – all things imperative to sustaining human life. By applying Lignition products to crops, you aren’t just enhancing your crops’ growth for your own yields, you’re helping to grow a more resilient environment for future generations.

Spring Barley Trial 2016
Calculated CO2 consumed by crop, by treatment

Increase crop yields