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Products that yield a better tomorrow

Lignition Corporation is a small private company dedicated to making the full power of photosynthesis available to agriculture, and also to society’s general benefit. Whether viewed from how well Lignition treated crops can support photosynthesis and higher yields, or ultimately consume and “FIX” CO2 – this process is evolving. Lignition Corp. is dedicated to working within the Earth’s existing cycles and processes, the most basic of which being photosynthesis and the cycling of carbon.

As society struggles with challenges such as carbon dioxide, food supplies, population pressures, and resource use efficiency, staying within the existing systems that have evolved over millions and millions of years is essential. Lignin and carbon are integral parts of these systems and as such can be seen as essential to society’s existence and progress. The direction at Lignition Corp. is to support Canadian and worldwide agricultural endeavours.

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“If we can control what the plants do with carbon, the fate of the carbon in the atmosphere is in our hands.”
– Freeman Dyson

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Partnership with Legume Technology UK

Lignition Corporation is joining forces with the legume inoculant product manufacturer, Legume Technology of the UK, and is acting as the registrant supplier to help increase yields of legume growers. When combined together, legume crops fully capture the power of the photosynthetic process and are able to “fix” more atmospheric nitrogen for the plants and crops to use. Typically, more nitrogen means bigger crops and yields along with increased crop quality. Click here to learn how combining products can increase your legume yield.

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“Indeed, simply to feed ourselves in the next forty years, we will need to produce more food than the entire agricultural output of the past 10,000 years combined”
– Stephen Emmott, Ten Billion: facing our future