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Who is Lignition

Lignition Corporation is a producer and distributor of an agricultural crop growth product that utilizes the power of photosynthesis to naturally enhance crop yield. With our innovative farming technology, farmers can expect bigger, stronger, and more sustainable plants after applying our products to any soil, seeds, fertilizer or crop leaves. With only a small amount of product needed per acre, growers will see rewards in an increase of yield while society benefits from a decrease of carbon dioxide trapped in the atmosphere.

Agricultural Crop Growth Products

Products that yield a better tomorrow.

The Products

Lignition products support the efficiency of photosynthesis to higher levels through capturing and utilizing lignin. As lignin is a compound stored in all plant life, our agricultural technology supports crop performance like no other product on the market.

Start your season strong with 100% water-soluble Ligniseed for seed treatment.

Nourish your crops with 100% water-soluble Lignileaf for foliar application.

“Lignin is one of the most abundant natural raw materials available on Earth… second to cellulose if mass is considered… even first… if solar energy storage is the criteria.”
– R.J.A Gosselink, Industrial Crops and Productions

How it works

Lignition products are a bio-polymer developed through our patented process which uses the by-product of the pulp and paper industry, lignin, which is extracted in order to make high-white papers. This plant-based raw material allows our process to capture the basic energy of lignin and turn it into a 100% water-soluble powder. Once applied to your crops, the captured energy in the lignin begins supporting the ongoing process of photosynthesis.

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“Energy cannot be created nor destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another”.
– Albert Einstein

Support your crops’ growth to new levels!

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